4 Royalty Free Podcast Sound Effects and Music Resources — Part 6

With the huge growth of the video and podcast creator community, the marketplace for royalty free music has increased right along with it. These days, there are several resources online for music, all with various licensing options uniquely appropriate for your production needs. In the following post, I’ll review 4 resources with various usage and membership options. So, let’s dive in!


Their licensing terms are simplistic at SoundGator. You might utilize the sound effects that you download within your videos, films, presentations, multimedia projects, games, apps, and virtually any other project — yet you aren’t permitted to post, distribute, license, or sell on the internet the sound effects on their own, within any form as standalone sound effects (data, video, or audio) even if you modify them. Users on YouTube: While you might use their sounds in your videos, you might not post their sounds as “sound effect videos” to any site.


They believe every creator ought to have accessibility to amazing music. That is why they have browsed the world for the top musicians and curated their music into an excellent platform in which producers always can find something moving, evocative, or inspiring to underscore their work. Artlist isn’t a jingle factory, yet an artist community who place their heart & soul into their music, like you place your heart into your podcast or video productions. In providing unlimited and direct accessibility to their whole catalog of inspiring music for one annual subscription charge, they think Artlist is the solution.


They provide thousands of free sound clips, sound effects, and sounds. Those sounds may be used in various sound projects, which includes Movie Scoring, Video Sound Scores, PowerPoint Presentations, Game Design, Sound Boards, Prank Calls, etc. SoundBible.com is an excellent copyright free sound source. The Royalty Free Sounds may indeed be utilized for commercial use. The free sounds only can if they’re under the Public Domain License or Creative Commons Attribution.


Their team handpicks each song from their roster of composers, bands, and indie musicians; therefore, it’s possible to spend more time creating and less time digging. Playlists are developed with your projects in mind. Musicbed thinks that each creative ought to have accessibility to good music.

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Having managed multi-million dollar teams, Wesleyne marries her love for sales and her passion for coaching at Transformed Sales.

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Wesleyne Greer

Wesleyne Greer

Having managed multi-million dollar teams, Wesleyne marries her love for sales and her passion for coaching at Transformed Sales.

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