How to Establish the Proper Budget While Starting a Podcast

When you make the decision to start your own podcast, you should have a well-laid-out plan. One aspect of that plan includes setting the proper budget.

Starting your own podcast is quite an investment — an investment that has achievable, long-term rewards and goals. You should have a well-organized outline of how much you’ll spend on software, equipment, etc.

Below are four things to consider in order to establish the proper budget when you start a podcast.

Begin to Invest in the Basics

Podcasting does not need to break the bank. If you are just starting, the basic equipment for you to place in the budget is a pop filter, microphone, software and headphones. For many podcasters, the most popular microphone is the Audio-Technica ATR2100. On Amazon, it’s priced at $79.

A pop filter (a screen that’s placed in front of the microphone), might just set you back around $8.

Headphones also are critical while recording and Sony’s MDR7506, which is often used by the majority of podcasters, is priced at $61.99 on Amazon.

Concerning software, there are some free alternatives to use for editing and adding music and effects to the podcast. Some of these include Audacity and Garage Band. Also, for more robust editing features, it’s possible to consider programs like Hindenburg Journalist and Adobe Audition.

While recording interviews, a lot of podcasters like Pamela for Skype for Windows users or Zoom that works for both Mac and Window users, although there are a host of other options available.

Should you Hire a Show Note Writer?

If the budget is tight and you have time for it, writing your own podcast show notes does not sound like a bad idea. However, on the flip side, if you do not have time or energy to fit it into your schedule, you might consider hiring a podcast copywriter.

Should you Hire a Cover Art Designer?

One other podcast budget aspect is hiring a cover art designer. Each podcast has to have impressive cover art. Great artwork helps to attract more downloads and listeners.

A lot of podcasters are locating affordable artwork on Fiverr. The site provides a broad array of services where creatives charge an average of $5 to $50.

Additional alternatives involve making the artwork on your own in tools like Canva or hiring a graphic designer. If you opt to make your own cover art — and feel your design skills are sufficient — Daniel J. Lewis at Audacity to Podcast has an excellent episode on how to create fantastic cover art for your podcast.

Hiring a Production Company or Audio Editor

Audio editing is one other important piece to take into consideration while starting a podcast. However, will you be editing the shows on your own, work with a production company, or hire a freelancer.

Fiverr has a listing of freelancers who charge as little as $5 for services of audio editing. You also could use other freelancing sources like Airgigs or Upwork that offers a podcast editing post-production listing per ten minutes for $6.

For a more professional, cleaner audio sound, you can work with a podcast post-production company, like: Hanlin Audio or Audio Adrenaline Studio.

Whether you use a professional production company, a freelancer, or do it on your own, be certain you have the ability to fit it into your budget.

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