How To Dedicate More Time to Your Podcast

Finding time for your show in your hectic life often can be challenging, particularly if you have a full-time career or other critical to-do lists to sift through. That’s why time management is important for carving out this valuable time, solely dedicated to your podcast. For the majority of podcasters, producing and recording your podcast is a passion project; therefore, the drive to do it is there, yet occasionally the structure is lacking.

With the following tips, it’s easily possible to hack your day to make that ideal sweet spot of time to spend, only dedicated to your show.

Rank Daily To-Do List

In order to avoid being bombarded by all of the things you need to get done in one day, rank every item on the list from highest to lowest priority. This way it’s possible to be clear on what tasks are going to be most critical to get done and you may get them done immediately. This especially applies to the most difficult tasks on your to-do checklist, because the longer you have them sitting there, the more difficult it’ll be to even begin.

When the major things are checked off, the minor tasks will fly by and before too long, you will be finished! Having all of the tasks on the to-do checklist done takes away that subconscious stress we frequently get when you’re consistently considering everything you have to get accomplished, that you just cannot concentrate on what you are doing in the first place. It’ll give you the freedom to record the show in peace, with nothing else that is weighing on your mind.

Carve Out Time

When you’re passionate about something, you ought to give it the time it deserves. That includes your show! Blocking out time to record and place all episodes together ought to take priority if it’s something you care about. Therefore, treat it like a “job” by allowing your friends and family to know that you’ll be busy during the established time, working on your show. It’ll give you an established block of time on a calendar to permit you a couple of hours of uninterrupted, blissful podcasting!

Give yourself that space and time to get creative. Establish a workspace which helps your creativity to flow, as well as inspires you to make incredible content for your subscribers/listeners. Do not permit any distractions in order for you to capitalize on the time you’ve carved out for your show and effectively manage the time you have.

Avoid Procrastination

There isn’t anything more detrimental to your time than procrastination. The more you procrastinate, the more difficult it is to begin, and the less you’re likely to get accomplished. If the activity seems too large, break it down into more manageable, smaller chunks which will help to get over the hump of getting started in the first place.

The longer you procrastinate, the longer the idea of starting will be weighing on your mind. Therefore, begin with a list, concentrate on your first to-do, and get started! When you begin, it’ll feel as if a huge weight was lifted off of your shoulders. It’ll permit your mind to relax and get those creative juices flowing! Thereby, whatever you do, do not get caught up by procrastination.

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