How Sales Reps Can Organize their Day

Wesleyne Greer
3 min readNov 20, 2020


Sales is results driven and sometimes can get very stressful and challenging. Since every sales representative has targets to meet, it may be unnerving for the ones who are not all that great at managing their time. In this post, I will go over some efficient time management tips on how to go about managing your day-to-day tasks.

Prepare the day

Allot the first thing in your morning, around 30 minutes, to prioritize your tasks for the immediate day. Check your CRM software or calendar for any meetings, callbacks, and follow-ups that are scheduled for that day. It’s important because you’ve worked extremely hard to gain one; therefore, make it count.

Keep personalization to a minimum

Studying the prospective client before you get in touch is critical to add a personalized touch to your emails and calls. However, how much is too much? You cannot spend countless hours studying your prospect when it’s possible to use this time to sell! Instead, you should keep personalization to a 3 to 4 line minimum. It also is better to use a template instead of wasting time writing emails.

Prospect at the proper time

One important practice includes adapting to the culture and lifestyle of the clients you work with. You should make it a point to note the ideal time to contact them. For instance, you may prospect when they’re on their way to work, and during their evening and lunch break.

Keep calls effective and short

This one is extremely important because some calls might feel like they are taking forever without any end result — setting up a meeting with a prospect. This effectively could decrease the quantity of prospects you can speak with during the most productive times.

Prepare for your next day

Devote 30 minutes towards the end of a day to prepare for your next day. For instance, if you’re going to target a certain vertical the following day, prepare the prospect list to contact. It might take some time to adapt, yet it’s an efficient practice.

Here’s a week’s worth of suggestions:

Mondays: This is the day of the week the majority of us dread working. The vast majority of companies hold their week-to-week meeting on Mondays; therefore, you might more than likely wind up wasting your effort and time trying to contact them. You can instead spend your Monday building up your contact list, following up with prospective clients and working through your emails.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: Those are the days when you have to put your game face on. Be aggressive and reach out to prospective clients through their best-preferred medium — calls, LinkedIn, email, etc.

Fridays: Utilize the first half of Friday for follow-ups and construct a plan of action for the next week in the second half of the day. But this may be a tricky day as your response rate may significantly vary depending upon the geography.

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