4 Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Your Podcast Audience

Twitter has an extremely active community of podcasters, and therefore, could be just the place to help you increase your following and assist you in growing your podcast’s reach. However, before diving in and starting to tweet up a storm, you should check to see if a marketing strategy on Twitter is going to work for your show.

There are two questions to ask to discover this. 1) Are your listeners active on Twitter? 2) Is your target market active on Twitter? If your answers were “Yes,” Twitter ought to have a place in your marketing strategy. Here are 4 ways to use Twitter to increase your podcast audience:

Concentrate on Brand Identity

Step one when it pertains to getting this social platform to work for you includes making sure that your account fits your brand identity. A fast glance at your Twitter account ought to tell users precisely who you are and what your show is about.

You should include all of the essential details, yet you also should attempt to add a bit of personality and unique flare. You will have to do this in only 160 characters; therefore, it might take a bit of time to get right.

You should include a link to your podcast some place that’s easy to find, and it definitely could be your bio, yet you also could consider placing the link in a pinned tweet if you really want to maximize the characters within your bio.

The goal should be to use your feed to drive followers to your podcast; therefore, you must make it convenient for them to do that.

Tease Sneak Peeks of Your Podcast

Your Twitter brand is now cultivated, so you are prepared to begin sharing certain kind of content which will convert your followers to fully-fledged members of your show community.

The first kind of content you should be sharing is teasers or sneak peeks of upcoming episodes. One way to do this includes using audiograms. Audiograms are audio clippings that have been converted to animated waveforms and put on top of images, in this case, it’ll probably be your podcast artwork.

The final product includes a video snippet of the show, which you then can share through your feed. Audiograms are an excellent method of promoting your amazing show and enticing your followers with your content.

Websites like Headliner and Wavve make it easy to make attention-grabbing, eye-catching audiograms, so you will have the ability to get those teasers out there, and drive listeners to your podcast!

Make Discussion Videos

Videos make for effective content on Twitter; therefore, in addition to the sneak peeks, teasers, and audiograms, create some fast discussion videos to share on Twitter.

It might be something which dovetails off of your most recent episode, explores a topic in more detail, or shares a random question or subject you are interested in.

Those fast, discussion-style videos might help to find an entirely new audience who is intrigued by or interested in your topics and who then could be directed back to your show to listen to more on what you have to say on the topic.

Also, discussion-style videos add value to your existing audience by providing them even more of your content to interact with. They’ll serve to assist you in establishing your authority in your niche as they may show an additional angle of your knowledge, and they’ll help to showcase your experience in and passion for your subject by seeing you candidly speak about it.

Share Podcast Recommendations

As aforementioned, Twitter has a healthy podcast community, which consists of both podcast creators and hosts, in addition to avid podcast listeners.

Following this, one other important content piece you ought to share to your feed is your own podcast recommendations. Are you listening to a fantastic new show?

Share that with your followers! Do you have a list of episodes or shows you turn to when you have to have a little “pick me up”? Spread that love and share them on Twitter or share links to some Podchaser lists.

You also could make an audiogram of the podcast’s trailer, or of a thrilling piece from one of the episodes then tweet it. Give creators a shoutout! While that content isn’t directly associated with your specific podcast, it’s content that’s concentrated on an entire podcast industry, and may assist in converting your Twitter followers to podcast listeners.

By attracting more podcast listeners, and by getting hooked on a few amazing podcasts, you then will have the ability to get them hooked on your podcast.

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