4 Ways to Improve the Interview Questions on your Podcast

Wesleyne Greer
3 min readMar 10, 2021


As most podcasters know, telling a great story is at the heart of what will make an excellent podcast. Listeners will tune in to hear how all of it turns out or discover what is going to happen next. Whether that is a fictional story, or real-life example of one’s personal story, there’s always something that draws them in to discover more.

Therefore, how do you really uncover those fantastic stories? That is where a journalistic nature and expert questions come into play! If you have plans to feature a guest on one of your next shows, take some time to test out the following four strategies to help to improve the way in which you conduct your interviews and give your listeners a fabulous experience.

Conduct Your Research

Conducting research may offer insight into the topic and your guest and assist you in figuring out what questions you would like to ask. After narrowing down your list of topics, start tailoring the questions to obtain the best out of your expert guest you invited on your show. Make certain that you dive into the guest’s background, as well, by reading their articles or books, listening to prior episodes they have been featured on, and discovering methods of uncovering the one-of-a-kind elements of their stories.

Craft Unique Questions

Make unique questions which enable your show to stand out from the others. One good way to uncover these uncommon questions is by sending the guests a questionnaire beforehand to figure out more details about them, particularly about the things they would like to share yet never get an opportunity to discuss. Next, structure the questions so that they’ll go a little deeper to unearth answers no one even believed they needed to know. One easy trick to keep in mind is to ask open-ended questions rather than asking questions which have brief answers.

Be Passionate About your Topic

Once you figure out a topic, remember that the guest also should be passionate about the discussion! Your guest’s role includes helping to bring the subject to life for your listeners and get them excited about applying it to their life. When you discover something you like talking about, it is simple to offer your listeners an amazing show that’s filled with tons of valuable content. Bear in mind that passion may be something you enjoy or something you hate; it depends upon your point of view and providing your listeners the intriguing discussion they tuned in for.

Get your Guest Ready

Before hitting the record button and overwhelming your guest with uncomfortable, hard questions, consider the preparation and time it took you to prepare for this interview. Give the guest this same courtesy to get themselves ready ahead of time. Whether that’s by sending them a few probing questions one or two weeks before your interview or scheduling a fast “get to know you” phone call, those are excellent strategies that help to break the ice and enable the guest to get more comfortable when the interview starts.

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