4 Royalty Free Podcast Sound Effects and Music Resources — Part 5

With the huge growth of the video and podcast creator community, the marketplace for royalty free music has increased right along with it. These days, there are several resources online for music, all with various licensing options uniquely appropriate for your production needs. In the following post, I’ll review 4 resources with various usage and membership options. So, let’s dive in!

Music Vine

It’s a new music site that is royalty free with a simplistic passion for good music. Music Vine represents some of the most exciting and esteemed independent musicians worldwide. Their clientele ranges from global brands and revered marketing agencies to hobbyists and independent filmmakers. Music Vine has built a platform to make the most expressive, finest music accessible to productions of every size and shape.


A Shutterstock company, PremiumBeat offer high-quality, exclusive sound effects and tracks for use in traditional and new media projects, which includes films, videos, games, apps, and TV programming. All of their royalty-free tracks are hand-picked by experts in the music industry. Whatever project you are working on, their experts have a curated playlist that matches.

Epidemic Sound

In 2009, they were founded and recently were referred to as ‘Sweden’s best-kept secret’. Their only purpose includes helping companies and individuals soundtrack their stories with high-quality music. Epidemic Sound makes it their goal to work with and find the most talented artists in the industry, working closely with them to develop amazing tracks then making them available for anybody, any time, to soundtrack their story on all platforms. Go over to their site to check out their rates.


Their goal includes serving creative communities around the world by providing them accessibility to world class content while additionally permitting them to monetize their creativity through their innovative platform. Pond5 is the globe’s most vibrant, biggest video-first content market, offering creators, filmmakers, and producers the tools, inspiration, and content needed to improve their projects. They’re innovating on a daily basis, which makes it simpler to use and find the content creatives have to have to bring their dream to life.

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