4 Royalty Free Podcast Sound Effects and Music Resources — Part 4

With the huge growth of the video and podcast creator community, the marketplace for royalty free music has increased right along with it. These days, there are several resources online for music, all with various licensing options uniquely appropriate for your production needs. In the following post, I’ll review 4 resources with various usage and membership options. So, let’s dive in!

Audio Blocks

They provide an unlimited, unique downloads subscription model without any hidden fees or restrictions. Audio blocks is extremely convenient and affordable, with membership plans beginning at $79. Every track offered on Audioblocks comes with a right to use them royalty free for commercial or personal projects. You’ll have unlimited accessibility to their library- which includes over 100,000 tracks. There aren’t any download caps, so it’s possible to use and download as much as you need.

Purple Planet

It is a 3-man England-based team producing extremely high-quality music which blends the “natural feeling” of instruments with sample collections and software instruments. Purple Planet provides a free download section which requires credit. You’re invited to use all of the music within their free download collection for various projects. They just require that you credit them by saying “Music: http://www.purple-planet.com”. They don’t make a distinction between non-commercial and commercial use. If you’re promoting your business, that is okay. Just credit them.

Dan-O Songs

Dan-O is a songwriter/singer who additionally develops his own instrumentals, provides a variety of tracks completely free for commercial usage. But donations are encouraged! When you pay you don’t have to credit Dan-O in any published media. However, if you want to it’s possible to state, “Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com”. Dan-O’s music is available on Amazon, iTunes, Last.fm, Spotify, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rdio, and all other major music services. Also, he releases electronic music underneath the name Graycraft92 and acoustic tunes as Dan O’Connor. Not all his tracks are on the website for licensing yet still are available for listening through those services.

Partners in Rhyme

Since 1996, they have been generating online royalty-free music. The license you obtain for your one-time fee is royalty-free. Unlike the majority of royalty-free music businesses, Partners In Rhyme don’t require that you submit any cue sheets or report to any PROs (performing rights organizations), no matter how large the project. Again, every piece has its own individual rights; however, most are provided free for commercial usage.

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