3 Ways to Repurpose a Podcast

Publishing, recording, and planning quality podcasts may take lots of time. That is why, if you publish your most recent episode then market it by sharing a link upon social media, you are making a huge mistake.

Diversifying how you share podcast content with your audience will do wonders for your show — whether the goal includes getting more listeners, strengthening your brand, or growing your business.

Sharing your show in several ways expands your audience reach, and this is for sure, it will be difficult to accomplish your goals with your show if nobody knows it’s out there!

Here’s the good news: it’s possible to leverage the effort and time you place into creating the episode by repurposing it. Repurposing grows your audience and saves you time. Now, do I have your attention?

I thought so! Take this curiosity a bit further and read more to figure out 3 ways to repurpose your content to obtain the most from every episode.

Make Video Content

There are several ways to make video content from an episode. Doing this will place you on camera, giving the audience an opportunity to actually get familiar with you and place a face to the voice!

A way to do this is to just video yourself while you record the podcast episode.

You might not want to share the whole video, and I get that. Because after all, you are, first and foremost, a podcaster. However, it’s possible to take a full recording then break it up into brief video teasers and snippets to share with social media. One 30-second clip of an intriguing discussion point is much more engaging than a text and link stating “My new episode is out now”!

Videos may be shared on all social media platforms, your website, and on YouTube. According to Cisco, more than 80 percent of content consumed on the internet this year is going to be video; therefore, it is good to get in on that action to promote your podcast.

Social Media Images

You can turn your show to a visual experience by pulling some quotes from an episode and create images for your social media networks. If you feature a guest on your podcast, it’s possible to take some of their words and make a quote graphic. Create images which are the correct fit for the channel they’re being shared on.

Create a Transcript

Transcripts make audio content more accessible. Transcripts will probably appeal to the ones who are not in an environment in which they can listen to the podcast, the ones who are hard of hearing, the ones who are not native speakers of your language, or the ones who merely prefer reading over listening!

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